We’re giving away $10,000+ worth of perks to eligible D2C businesses!

ReferralCandy, PageFly, and PostCo have partnered together to launch our 2023 Growth Grant project to help ecommerce businesses grow. 3 lucky businesses will receive exclusive offers from ReferralCandy, PageFly, and PostCo for 3 months.

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Free Subscriptions.
Guidance from experts.
All free for 3 months.

Our mission is to help emerging and innovative ecommerce businesses. Many brands are unable to scale their business and impact because they lack the resource or know-how to solve growth bottlenecks. This Growth Grant project aims to help businesses overcome challenges related to marketing, website optimization, and logistics by providing them with exclusive offers from ReferralCandy, PageFly, and PostCo for 3 months.

We’ll also work with them to produce a series of content on their initiatives and results so that thousands of other brands around the world can benefit from it as well.

Create and automate customer referral programs for eCom stores and grow sales through world-of-mouth

Grant Offer:

✔️ 3 Months of Free Trial
✔️ Expert support to optimize your referral programs
✔️ Send automated emails right after a customer makes a purchase. Invite them to join your referral program with customizable, post-purchase emails.

PageFly is a free no-code Shopify page builder that helps you build beautiful and high-converting pages.

Grant Offer:

✔️ Customize your page for FREE based on your inspiring website
✔️ FREE Optimization of your store's pagespeed by our experts
✔️ The more pages you use, the less you have to pay for each page. Plus, 20% OFF on all PageFly plans

PostCo is a returns management platform for initiating, accepting, and processing returns. With PostCo, offer a frictionless post-purchase experience and let your customers self-service with a fully-customizable returns portal.

Grant Offer:

✔️ 3 Months of Free Trial
✔️ Automated Exchanges and Store Credit to encourage instant exchanges & store credit and eliminate the customer acquisition costs
✔️ Policy Rules to enforce specific outcomes based on your business requirement
✔️ Different-Priced Exchanges to generate upsell revenues from exchanges for higher-value items
✔️ Data and analytics to uncover key insights into top return reasons, items, regions etc.

  • Innovative products

    e.g. Cometeer developed a way to freeze high quality coffee to retain its flavor and freshness.

  • Emerging Business

    Currently expanding & ideally looking for help and guidance on these aspects:

    1. Sales growth
    2. Page Optimization
    3. Upselling & Retention

We're looking for Innovative and Emerging businesses!

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Application process

24 March - 28 April

Application period

01 May - 04 May

Selection period

07 May

Recipient announcement

* This could be delayed if we need more time to interview or find a suitable recipient.

08 May - August

Grant Period and regular check-ins with the recipient