Okabashi Uses ReferralCandy to Drive Traffic That’s Ready to Buy

Okabashi Uses ReferralCandy to Drive Traffic That’s Ready to Buy

Okabashi has sold more than 30 million pairs of shoes in the last 27 years.

Their customers claim that Okabashi sandals are the most comfortable they’ve ever owned, and are eager to refer friends to the store.

Okabashi wanted to amplify existing word-of-mouth

Okabashi recognized that word-of-mouth was a valuable source of new customers, and started looking for a referral marketing solution that suited their needs. That’s when they discovered ReferralCandy.

“Our customers feel great promoting our shoes, and supporting US manufacturing,” says Hadi Irvani, Director of E-Commerce at Okabashi.

ReferralCandy was set up and sending out referral campaign emails in minutes

Once set up, the ReferralCandy platform drove the Okabashi customer referral program by sending campaign emails out after each new purchase.

Customers would introduce their friends to Okabashi by sharing the discount coupon in those emails.

The social media integration features also made it easy for customers to share coupons on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

ReferralCandy became one of the top 10 drivers of referral traffic to Okabashi

Okabashi started their campaign with ReferralCandy in March 2011 and saw increased sales within a week.

Referred customers also spent 13.2% more on average

"We have been really impressed with the success and growth that we’ve experienced. Our customers love it. We love it."

Hadi Irvani
Director of Ecommerce, Okabashi

At the end of the day, good business is about delighting customers and helping them share their experience with friends.

Having built a product that customers are crazy about, Okabashi uses ReferralCandy to help them spread the word.

ReferralCandy can help your business amplify your word-of-mouth, too!

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