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How Influencer Marketing Can Accelerate Your Referral Programs

‘Influencer marketing’ has been all the rage lately, becausee it’s remarkably effective. According to a Tomoson poll, businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers… there are people who now make a living just posting things online for other people to consume. And they have some massive audiences.

There are all sorts of niches: Tech bloggers. Game bloggers. Fitness athletes and models. Moms. The list goes on.

We know that people trust recommendations from friends, and that they’re relatively skeptical of celebrity endorsements. It turns out that people also trust ‘ordinary’ influencers who do reviews, as long as they’ve built up credibility.

Here are some interesting examples of influencers in referral marketing:

1. When Airbnb was expanding into Asia, a single influencer’s referrals led to 5,000 signups and hundreds of bookings in the first month

In China we have this celebrity called Anthony who has 2 million followers on Weibo and posted photos and a link to a referral program. Thousands of signups, hundreds of bookings in the first month. Influential people can have a massive impact on something like this.

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2. Elina Furman from Elfin Marketing talks about the importance of working with influencers

“Because I take on only superior products and clients, we never have to pay influencers to promote the product. People can sense when influencers are getting paid vs. that they just love the product and want to share with their friends. All that is reflected in the sales and success of the program.”

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3. Ztylus makes phone cases – and they get tens of thousands of referrals from gadget reviewers

T: “We target big influencers on YouTube, who review our product. They can share their referral links in the description, giving their viewers a discount when they get sent to our site. I think that’s really benefited a lot of those reviewers also.”

One reviewer described Ztylus as “quite possibly the best looking iphone accessory that I have ever seen.”

Over 13,000 clicks on that referral link, so it likely led to thousands of referral sales!

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