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20 Customer Acquisition Tools to Power Up Your Business

20 Customer Acquisition Tools to Power Up Your Business

These customer acquisition tools have been categorised into:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Making your content more visible and easily searchable
  • Email Marketing – Distribution channels to reach as many people as possible
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – Converting site visitors into paying customers
  • Analytics – Monitoring and optimising your efforts and results

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Doing SEO helps your site rank better when potential customers search for keywords related to your business. To do that, you need to know the keywords that customers are more likely to search for, how search engines rank websites, and which of them are more popular amongst users. These tools monitor all that, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your site’s SEO:

1. MozBar – Chrome and Firefox SEO toolbar

Access SEO metrics, custom searches, rankings and much more while you browse in Chrome or Firefox.

2. Google Analytics – Web Analytics and Reporting tool

Google Analytics
SEO reports in Google Analytics help you understand how Google Web Search queries led visitors to your site.

3. Ahrefs – Site explorer & backlink checker

Great at backlink checking, with the largest index of live backlinks around.


4. Screaming Frog – Search engine optimisation & marketing

Screaming Frog
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawls website links, letting you view and analyze the data in the program’s UI.


5. Majestic SEO – Backlink checker & site explorer

Majestic SEO
Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer provide the deepest insights into any domain/url.

B. Email Marketing

It can be tedious work trying to manage a huge list of email addresses. Monitoring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is also another challenge. These email marketing tools allow you to send and track your email newsletters, so you can manage and monitor all your email marketing efforts in one place:

6. Mailchimp – Send better email

Create, send and track your email newsletters easily. Includes automation and personalization and advanced analytics.

7. AWeber – Email marketing services & software solutions for small businesses

With easy-to-use marketing tools like autoresponder follow up, subscriber segmenting, email marketing tracking, etc.

8. iContact – Email marketing services

iContact offers specialized services for large senders of up to 5 million+ subscribers.

9. GetResponse – Email marketing software & autoresponder

Apart from their email marketing tools, GetResponse even allows you to create landing pages and A/B testing.

10. Constant Contact – Email, Event & Social Marketing Toolkit

Constant Contact
Constant Contact provides social media and email integration, and on-the-go email marketing metrics tracking.

C. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Unbounce describes CRO as:

A discipline that focuses on the testing of landing pages, aiming to find the optimal design and messaging mixture that produces higher conversion rates.

Testing different options and analyzing the data is the best way to tell what’s the best way to convert customers. A/B testing, heatmaps, these tools have all the features you need!

11. Crazy Egg – Visualize where your visitors click

Crazy Egg
Crazy Egg helps you track clicks, scrolls, and button overlays to give you a concise understanding of visitor behavior.


12. Unbounce – Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.

Unbounce integrates all your analytics, email marketing and SEO tools together, with easy-to-use A/B testing.

13. Visual Website Optimizer – A/B testing software for marketers

Visual Web Optimizers
Multivariate testing, real user feedback and specific visitor type targeting are just some of VWO’s many features.

14. Optimizely – A/B testing software you’ll actually use

Optimizely is jam-packed with all the CRO goodies like engagement, clicks and sign up tracking.

15. Google Analytics Content Experiments – The A/B/N model of testing from Google

Google Analytics Content Experiments
Google Analytics’ Content Experiments allow you to test multiple hypotheses at once, providing real-time reporting and site-speed analyses.

D. Web Analytics

These web analytics tools help you track data across various channels, giving you insights into the way customers are interacting with your site. Many of these tools even provide real-time feedback, so you can observe and implement changes immediately!

16. Google Analytics – Act on your insights

Google Analytics (2) screengrab
Google Analysis gives you the clearest picture of everything you need to know about your site, from SEO to conversions.

17. KISSmetrics – Marketing attribution & customer tracking across multiple devices

With KISSmetrics, you can target specific groups of customers at any point in the marketing funnel, and understand their impact on your business.

18. Mint – A fresh look at your site

Mint analytics
Stats like site visits, referrers, subscription patterns are bound to improve your customer acquisition, and keep your business looking fresh.

19. Woopra – Real-time Customer Analytics

Customized behavioral profiles and real-time analytics reports? Yes please.

20. Clicky – Real Time Web Analytics

Everything in Clicky is up-to-the-minute real time. They also have a powerful and flexible API, as well as Twitter analytics.

We hope you found this list useful!

While these tools can help you with the nitty gritty of your customer acquisition efforts, you shouldn’t spend too much time obsessing over them. It’s far more important that you develop a clear idea of what to achieve. These tools help you do things right, but they don’t necessarily help you to do the right things. Your fundamentals are still the most important.

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