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ReferralCandy X Limelight: Referrals For Your Subscriptions

ReferralCandy X LimeLight

Growing a modern eCommerce business is complex: it requires understanding a variety of different customer segments, ensuring you are delivering the customized offers and plans they expect, and then using data to continually refine your approach.

LimeLight was built to simplify subscription commerce. The team has been doing complex subscription eCommerce since 2008 — long before the current trend took off.

LimeLight unifies data from across the customer experience into a single platform, enabling brands to measure, customize, and optimize pricing and promotions. Their flexible billing features empower brands to offer a variety of pricing models to their customers, from a single sale to subscription.  LimeLight’s actionable analytics and predictive capabilities track trends that are vital to generate detailed customer insights, increase retention, and reduce churn. Plus, with 400+ integrations plugged into one system, you’ve got a one-stop shop eCommerce engine to run your business.

If you’re a growing eCommerce brand with the need for a flexible, reliable and secure subscription platform, LimeLight could be for you. And now you can easily add ReferralCandy to handle your referral program through a few easy steps:


  • You need to sign up for a ReferralCandy account. When you sign up, select platform type as ‘Your Custom Website’ and proceed with the account registration process.

How to set up the ReferralCandy LimeLight Integration:

CONFIGURATION of ReferralCandy in LimeLight

Add a ‘Loyalty’ provider

  1. Click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Providers’
  2. Click ‘Actions’ button and add new Provider Profile
    LimeLight IntegrationType = Loyalty
    Provider = ReferralCandy
    Alias = ReferralCandy
    Access ID = this is found in your ReferralCandy account {API ACCESS ID}
    New Order Alert =
    If YES = the email to provide customer their referral link will be sent
    If NO = the email to provide customer their promo link will NOT be sent
    (Best practice is to set to YES)
    Secret Key = this is found in your ReferralCandy account {API SECRET KEY}
    Void Refund Alert =
    If YES = the email to indicate a reward is no longer valid will be sent
    If NO = the email to indicate a reward is no longer valid will NOT be sent
    (Best practice is to set to YES)
  3. Save your new configuration
  4. Click the ellipses and Assign to Campaigns
    LimeLight IntegrationLimeLight Integration
  5. Select 1 or more campaigns that you would like to run your referral program on.
    NOTE: all campaigns configured must be of the same currency as Referral Candy’s store can only support 1 currency type.  If you need to support multiple currencies, you will need an additional ReferralCandy account.
  6. Click ‘Assign’

For full integration details, refer to LimeLight’s integration article.

Subscription services work really well with customer referrals; it turns out. Don’t believe us? Check out how one of LimeLight’s clients, VideoBlocks, has made over $100,000 (and counting) in referral sales through ReferralCandy!


Eleanor Tay