Videoblocks: Customer Referral Software for a Digital Subscription

Videoblocks, a giant library of stock footage and media, operates in a highly competitive market, facing heavyweight public companies like Getty and Shutterstock.

This means they have to be very efficient when it comes to customer acquisition, and constantly testing channel performance.

We thought display ads would be huge, but the CPA never worked out.

Joel Holland

CEO, Videoblocks

After looking closer at their sales, Joel’s team realized that they could tap into the organic word-of-mouth sales they were already getting.

A lot of our customers come from referrals. Our content quality, plus our price point, means we can appeal to a wide audience. That really which helps to lower the hurdle for new customers who may be referred by a friend.

Joel Holland

CEO, Videoblocks

To maximize their word-of-mouth sales, Videoblocks used ReferralCandy to create a referral program based on discounts for new customers, along with enticing cash rewards for advocates.

ReferralCandy makes it a no-brainer for Videoblocks customers to refer their friends. Once they’re signed up for the program, all they have to do is share their referral link with their friends.

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Videoblocks has made over $100,000 (and counting) in referral sales through ReferralCandy — without causing admin headaches.

ReferralCandy really takes the work out of referral programs and automates what used to be a time-consuming and laborious process.

Joel Holland

CEO, Videoblocks

With automated payouts, ReferralCandy was able to take the manual admin work of approving and tracking payments. ReferralCandy handles cash payouts directly with advocates through PayPal.

ReferralCandy’s strength really lies in its simplicity.

Joel Holland

CEO, Videoblocks

With easy setup and automation features, Videoblocks was able to quickly set up a powerful referral program that allows them to acquire new customers without taking on additional workload.

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