Here at ReferralCandy, we’re often asked about how online retailers can improve their referral programs to get more sales. In response to these questions, we’re starting a series of “Candy Tips” to help you make better use of word of mouth marketing. To start with, here are 2 Candy Tips to get more participants making referrals from your refer-a-friend program.

Tip No 1: Include a link on your homepage to your referral program.

One of the simple things that we have found often works in getting more referrals is to include a link to your referral program from your homepage. This makes it easier for your customers and other visitors to your website to easily spread the word about your product through emails, Facebook and Twitter and get rewarded.

For example, 525 Boutique, a contemporary fashion store and ReferralCandy retailer, places a prominent link on their homepage to their referral program. If you’re a ReferralCandy retailer, find out more about how you can help your customers access their personal Referral Corner from your homepage.

Tip No 2: Explain how your referral program works with a simple and clearly-designed page.

It’s also a good idea to explain your referral program and how it works to your customers and potential referrers of your product.

Sundara Extensions, another ReferralCandy retailer which sells silky smooth hair extensions, explains how their Referral Program works simply through a step-by-step process (see below).

Visitors to this page who click on the “sign-up now” tab are then taken to their individual page (illustration below), where they can easily spread the love to their friends about Sundara’s products!

Sundara Extensions’ ReferralCorner

So there you have it, to get more referrals, place a prominent link to your referral program on your homepage, and explain clearly how your program works. We hope you enjoyed our Candy Tips.