How ReferralCandy Works

Our referral marketing program grows your customer base and increases your sales. Here's how it works.

With ReferralCandy, customers bring friends to your store.

Customers sharing on facebook to refer friends to your store Customers sharing on facebook to refer friends to your store

We'll give your customers a unique referral link that they can use to refer their friends to your store. When a purchase is made from this unique referral link, both your customer and their friends get rewarded!

This app works wonders. It works brilliantly and it's super simple.

Velvet Cloud , Shopify store

Here's what the referral marketing process looks like:

1. Join

Customer joins your referral program

Invite customers to join:

- After they make a purchase
- Through a form on your website
- By adding them manually
2. Refer

Customer refers friends to your store

The Customer uses a ReferralCandy link to refer Friends to your store.

3. Buy

Friends make a purchase from your store

Friends enjoy a discount when they buy through this link. You get new customers when their Friends buy from your store!

4. Reward

Customer gets rewarded for the referral!

ReferralCandy sends your Customer their reward after a Friend makes a purchase.

How ReferralCandy helps store owners move the needle:

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

When shoppers refer their friends, you're getting highly qualified leads that are ready to buy -- without having to spend money on PPC campaigns.

Increase Your Referral Rate

Referral marketing turns your shoppers into promoters that invite people to your store.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Every shopper becomes a source for new customers and new revenue.

Delight Your Customers

Make your shoppers look good to their friends for sharing an offer and become a brand they won't forget.

ReferralCandy has helped us spread the word at a cost and service
second to none.

Mike Starks, CEO, Personal Trainer Food

As long as you sell online, ReferralCandy helps you acquire more customers and increase sales.

ReferralCandy works with over 20 shopping cart platforms.
We have step-by-step instructions to make integration a breeze:

We have a 30-day risk-free trial so you can see first hand how our referral marketing program can work for you.


What kind of referral marketing program do you want to set up?

We can automate referral marketing programs for stores and companies of all sizes.
Here are some customer referral programs we've set up before:
Retail Subscription & SaaS Travel Lead Generation And many more!
Customer Reward 10% off next order $10 cash reward Charity donation Entry in iPad raffle
Friend Reward 10% discount First month free None $100 discount on service
Conditions Customer must refer 3 purchases to get a reward

Customer reward given only after friend's free trial is over

$10 cash reward given each time friend is charged

Customer must refer 6 friends to qualify for a donation

Donation is a % of the 6 friends' purchases

1 raffle entry per 5 friends introduced

These are just a few examples of what you can do with ReferralCandy.
Set up your referral program now -- you can be up and running today.


Customer Testimonials

"We have been really impressed with the success and growth that we've experienced. Our customers love it. We love it."

Hadi Irvani

Director of Ecommerce, Okabashi

"ReferralCandy works well for our store, it was easy to set up and consistently brings in new customers!"

John Park

Dorco USA

"ReferralCandy has already paid for itself in the first month of use! Customer Service was great and quick to answer all of our questions."

Shopify store

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Referral Marketing really work?

Referral marketing programs work because people are already telling each other about great products -- it just makes the process easier. Research shows that people are 77% more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from family or friends. Referral marketing makes it simpler for people to tell their family or friends about products they're excited about.

How much does ReferralCandy cost?

We have pricing tiers depending on the size of your store and the level of support you require. For more details, see our pricing page.

How do I track my referral program's performance?

Your ReferralCandy dashboard lets you control everything about your referral marketing program, from analytics, to changing the referral offer, to customizing your email templates. See our features page.

How do I install ReferralCandy?

The majority of ReferralCandy customers don't need to involve developers and are up and running in a few hours. We have step-by-step instructions for integrations with over 20 shopping cart platforms (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc) that can be easily configured when setting up your ReferralCandy account.

If you don't use any of these platforms, or use your own platform, you'll need to insert a short JavaScript snippet on your website. You'll also need to BCC a unique ReferralCandy email address on your invoice emails.

What kind of referral rates can I expect?

Referral rates vary widely by industry, store size and the attractiveness of your offer. All customers get a guide on best practices for referral programs, and we offer personal referral campaign review for our Premium accounts.

Do I have to manually process each referral reward?

ReferralCandy fully automates the referral marketing process -- including fulfilment of rewards -- so you don't have to spend time managing cash payouts or keeping track of referrals.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us now!

It should be possible to integrate with the ReferralCandy app, even if we don't have a specific plugin for your store's platform.

To do so, you would just need to:

  1. Insert a javascript tracking code on your purchase completed page (the page where your customers get directed to after they complete payment)
  2. Forward invoice emails to our app

You can learn more about how to setup other platforms here.

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