How your referral program increases sales

John buys from your store

John gets a referral link to invite friends to your store

Mary gets an email from John with his referral link

Mary goes to your store and buys something via John's referral link

Mary gets her own referral link, and the cycle continues

How does ReferralCandy work in the background to bring you new sales? What do you have to do to set it up? Here's the process:

Define your referral program in our setup wizard

Create offers for new customers

Entice new customers with discounts, free products and more. We can help you set up almost any offer.

Set rewards for your advocates

How will you reward your advocates? Offer coupons, cash, charity donations or whatever you think will drive referrals.

Customize what you want your customers to see

Write a personalized message, insert your logo, and choose a suitable template for your brand.

Install ReferralCandy for your store and activate your referral program

Install ReferralCandy for your store and activate your referral program. See step-by-step instructions >

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We'll automate your referral program, turning every customer into a potential referrer for your store

Every customer automatically becomes a potential advocate

After someone buys from you, we'll invite them to refer a friend to your store.

We can also invite your current customers -- just upload a CSV file and we'll take care of the rest.

Every advocate gets a unique referral link

When someone joins your referral program, they'll get a personal referral link that they can share with their friends.

We'll nudge your advocates to share on social networks

We'll make it easy for advocates to share their referral links on Facebook and Twitter. Want to see this in action? Click here.

Invite every website visitor to your referral program

Put a widget on your store to let your visitors know that you have a referral program.

We'll keep your referral program running smoothly on autopilot

Track your referral program's performance

All of the data about your referral program is tracked and you can monitor everything from email opens, to social shares, to conversion rates.

Automatically send out rewards

We'll take care of sending out coupons or cash rewards to your advocates.

Automated record keeping

We keep detailed records of each referral and when referral rewards have been earned.

We'll watch out for fraud

We've been doing this for a while, so we know when a referral looks fishy. We'll guard your store against fraudulent referrals and scams.

”Hey, I have a few more questions…“

Can I really just set up ReferralCandy… then leave it alone?

Yes. We have happy customers who are running referral campaigns with very little customization. However, if you want to get the most referral sales possible, then it's always better to take the time to customize and optimize your program.

Is this for every kind of store?

A referral program is an excellent multiplier for a great product. If you're already getting repeat orders and a few word-of-mouth sales -- perfect. Get started right now! Please note, however, that ReferralCandy is not the best solution for stores that have not yet started generating word-of-mouth sales.

How long will it take to see results?

This is dependent on many variables: the type of products you offer, the attractiveness of your reward, the visibility of your referral program, and so on. One of the key factors is the number of orders you get every month. Generally speaking, the more monthly orders you get, the faster you'll see results.

ReferralCandy really takes the work out of referral programs and automates what used to be a time consuming and laborious process. We highly recommend it.

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