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ReferralCandy is now more Mobile Friendly. Sweet!

So I was just having a casual chat with our product software development team today, and they made a remark on how they had come [...]

10 Simple Ecommerce Website Updates to Implement Now

There are hundreds of ecommerce website updates you could make. Anyone who's managed an ecommerce company has a list of things to change on the [...]

Five New Years Resolutions For Your Sales Funnel

The year 2013 has arrived, and although you've likely made resolutions for your personal life, now is the time to chart a bold new course [...]

How to Write Great Emails Asking for Referrals!

Whether you sell products or services, whether you run a store or a consulting shop, whether doing enterprise sales or doing B2C, the principles of [...]

5 Ways to Establish Your Own Brand as an Ecommerce Retailer

Internet retail continues to up the competition factor among similar brands. Department stores like Belk and Macy's compete with a range of retailers, from Walmart [...]

2 Simple Steps to Get More Referrals for Your Refer-a-Friend Program

Here at ReferralCandy, we’re often asked about how online retailers can improve their referral programs to get more sales. In response to these questions, we’re starting a series of “Candy Tips” to help you make better use of word of mouth marketing. To start with, here are 2 Candy Tips to get more participants making referrals from your refer-a-friend program. Tip No 1: Include a link on your homepage to your referral program. One of the simple things that we have found often works in getting more referrals is to include a link to your referral program from your homepage. This makes it easier for your customers and other visitors to your website to easily spread the word about your product through emails, Facebook and Twitter and get rewarded. For example, 525 Boutique, a contemporary fashion store and ReferralCandy retailer, places a prominent link on their homepage to their referral program. If you’re a ReferralCandy retailer, find out more about how you can help your customers access their personal Referral Corner from your homepage. […]

The Top 10 Most Popular Online Retailers on Facebook

Have you ever been to a rival online retailer's website and and wondered how they got so many likes on Facebook? Have you ever wondered [...]

Writing Persuasive Messages: Tips from a Nobel Laureate

It's not everyday that you get tips on messaging and marketing from a Nobel Laureate. But that is exactly what Nobel Prize Winner in Economics [...]

6 Youtube Videos to Inspire Your Team to Success

You may have realised this by now but there are many crucial things we can learn from watching Youtube videos — like how to get a girlfriend, create a successful ecommerce site, pretend to understand quantum mechanics, and do the party rock shuffle. You name it, there’s a video out there telling you how to do it (someone should host a competition to find something you can’t learn from Youtube). We think that Youtube is also a great way to inspire you and your team to dare the impossible and live the dream, through a particular genre of inspirational videos – sometimes profound, sometimes funny, often both. […]

How to Stop Paying for your Customers – 5 Lessons from Rand Fishkin

Here at ReferralCandy, we're always looking for cool and innovative ways to market great products. One of the leading experts in this field is Rand [...]

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