How Dettol Increased Sales by 86% Via Word-of-Mouth

February 3, 2016 by Benjamin Leong in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

When you think of advertisements, you generally think of cool brands. Like snazzy Apple ads. Quirky fashion labels. You get the idea. Reckitt Benckiser (the company behind Dettol, the cleaning agent) isn’t generally a top pick for a “cool” brand name. But with a single, powerful, campaign, Dettol managed to reach 46% of their target […]

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How Netflix Achieved A 70 Million Subscriber Rate – Through Word-of-Mouth

February 2, 2016 by Benjamin Leong in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

Recently, the phrase “Netflix and chill” has been spreading through the Internet like digital wildfire. Chances are, you’ve seen it too. (Just in case you don’t: it means to invite someone back to your place, using Netflix as a convenient and rather appealing excuse. Now you know.) No need to thank us. Thank him and […]

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How Indie Game Undertale Became A Top Selling Game On Steam In 2015 Via Word-of-Mouth

January 26, 2016 by Melody Madhavan in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

Undertale’s original Kickstarter states that it is a “traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt.” However – traditional is something it definitely isn’t. An extremely unique game where you are able to get through the entire game without fighting any monsters, it successfully raised 50 thousand dollars on Kickstarter for the game […]

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Travel Product Referral Program Example: Trunkster

January 25, 2016 by Melody Madhavan in Referral Program Examples

Trunkster makes intelligent, sleek and unique suitcases that uses a revolutionary sliding door mechanism instead of traditional zippers. Everyone’s dealt with the frustration of chunky suitcases with unwieldy flaps, stuck zippers and bulky designs. Trunkster aims to solve these woes by creating what it calls ‘intelligent luggage’ – a suitcase that uses a unique sliding-door […]

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The 5 Types of Video Content Customers Love to Talk About

January 20, 2016 by Ariel Shemesh in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

The following is a guest post by Ariel Shemesh, founder/CEO of WebyClip. Your blog is raking in the numbers, and your Facebook posts are getting more likes than ever. However, your brand still isn’t getting the traction it needs to exponentially grow. Enter: Video Content. Video content is the new game-changer when it comes to […]

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