Referral Program Widgets – 3 Tools To Get You More Customer Referrals

July 7, 2015 by Visakan Veerasamy in Referral Marketing 101

Each ReferralCandy account comes with a variety of widgets that you can add to your online store to improve your advocates’ user experience and increase the effectiveness of your referral program. Widgets are optional and you can implement only the widgets that are useful to you. You can view them from within your ReferralCandy app […]

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3 Ways Black Milk Clothing Created a Crazily-Loyal Fan Base Through Word-of-Mouth

July 3, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Analyzing Good Marketing / Customer Acquisition Case Studies

When we think about fans of comics, movies, or celebrities, the really hardcore ones are those that give themselves names. For instance, fans of Lord of the Rings are called Ringers, and Star Trek fans call themselves Trekkies. As it turns out, fans of Australian leggings and apparel company Black Milk have a name too; they […]

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9 Examples Of How Chipotle’s Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategy Works Its Magic

July 1, 2015 by Jon Tan in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

Chipotle is a company focused on non-traditional advertising, choosing to channel it’s marketing effort into creating positive word-of-mouth. With only 2% of revenue spent on advertising, the company has come up with very impressive ways of doing this over the years. These marketing efforts have been working. In 2014, Chipotle reported store sales were up by […]

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4 Tactics Lululemon Uses to Leverage Word-of-Mouth For Their Brand

June 30, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth / Analyzing Good Marketing / Customer Acquisition Case Studies

Founded in 1998, Lululemon is a yoga and sports apparel company from Canada. Although its first store was opened in 2000, the company sold $350 million worth of products in their 113 retail stores 8 years later. In 2012, Lululemon was reported to have the third most productive retail stores in the US, only behind Apple and Tiffany & […]

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4 Ways How Under Armour Grew via Word-of-Mouth to Eventually Overtake Adidas

June 25, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Analyzing Good Marketing / Customer Acquisition Case Studies

Founded in 1996 by former football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour has been the embodiment of willpower, strength and drive. Their ads often feature strong, determined and badass athletes, such as basketball player Stephen Curry and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps: In January 2015, it was reported that Under Armour had beaten Adidas for the no. 2 spot in US sportswear […]

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