The Best Business Advice From The Last 30 Years [Infographic]

March 31, 2015 by Jon Tan in Analyzing Good Marketing / Converting With Storytelling
FI Template- 2015-01

It sometimes seems like there’s more business advice popping up on shelves than there are people being born (for context, there are approximately 15,000 births an hour). What we’ve noticed is that the best business advice tend to show up year after year. Holgar Seim at TheNextWeb aggregated the 7 most most common and enduring pieces of […]

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Renewable Energy Referral Program Examples: SUNworks

March 30, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Referral Program Examples
Renewable energy referral program examples SUNworks FI

When it comes to the adoption of relatively new products/systems, word-of-mouth is very effective in helping to spread the word around. SUNworks is a company by Solar3D, Inc., a leading provider of solar power solutions. They provide solar energy solutions to homes and offices. I’m all for renewable energy; so I was happy to know they […]

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Jonah Berger’s Contagious – 75 Infectious Examples of Catchy Marketing

March 25, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth / Analyzing Good Marketing

Over the past few months, we’ve covered the 6 STEPPS principles from Jonah Berger’s Contagious, with 75 real-life marketing examples: Social Currency Triggers Emotion Public Practical Value Stories Here’s a rundown of how each principle works, and how you can apply them to your own branding/marketing: Make your customers feel good and give them something to brag about. We share cool […]

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Jeff Bezos Quotes – 5 Inspiring Bits Of Tough Wisdom From Amazon’s CEO

March 23, 2015 by Jon Tan in Converting With Storytelling

Jeff Bezos built Amazon, the largest retailer on the internet and forever changed ecommerce. In his free time he plans to save the Earth through space travel.  There’s no denying it, Jeff Bezos is an absolute badass. The man drops some really inspirational lines too. Here are our favourite Jeff Bezos quotes to channel a little badassery into your work […]

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Once Upon a Time… – 12 Examples of Narratives Used in Marketing

March 20, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Analyzing Good Marketing

The last principle from the STEPPS model is Storytelling. Why do we all love to tell and listen to stories? We share stories for several reasons: To gain social currency To share a certain emotion with someone else To pass on useful advice or tips Stories aren’t just interesting; they’re useful vessels for carrying important information. So […]

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