How Sriracha Became The World’s Favorite Hot Sauce

Huy Fong Foods, the company behind THE Sriracha hot sauce, has never spent a cent on advertising Their Sriracha sauce was named Ingredient of the [...]

How to Amplify Word-of-Mouth Impact By Leveraging Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can directly strengthen word-of-mouth (WOM) impact for businesses and brands. Here’s what you need to need about how to leverage them for maximum [...]

How Ecommerce Stores Can Use Popups To Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

Popups are not something unfamiliar to online buyers when shopping on ecommerce websites. Normally, popups are used to collect email subscribers, grant discount code, inform [...]

How Chobani Dominated The Yogurt Market In Just 8 Years Via Word-of-Mouth

Hamdi Ulukaya introduced his childhood nostalgia to the United States and has now generated a billion dollar Greek yogurt fortune. Having first arrived in 1994, [...]

How ROLI’s Seaboard GRAND Became Popular Worldwide Through Word-of-Mouth

Founded in 2009, ROLI has become a growing force in the music market. From winning awards to catching the eyes of professionals and music enthusiasts [...]

How Singapore-based TWG Tea Became The World’s Finest Tea Salon Via Word-of-Mouth

Founded in 2008, TWG Tea has quickly become a household name in the luxury tea industry. TWG tea salon and boutiques can be found in [...]

Contests, Conferences, Festivals and Launch Parties – 32 Examples Of Marketing Using Events

It's true that we live in a digital age, where we get served with tonnes of content and ads. As result-oriented marketers, we worry primarily [...]

How Period-Proof Underwear Helped THINX To Tackle Period Taboos Via Word-Of-Mouth

Since launching via Kickstarter in 2013, THINX has been steadily growing in reach. Founded by Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal, THINX has been [...]

How Strip Became A Global Waxing Empire by Word-of-Mouth

Strip, by the Spa Esprit Group, has made a name for itself in the beauty and lifestyle industry. With its roots in Singapore, Strip now [...]

How Proctor and Gamble succeeded in establishing The WOM model in 2002

A lot of our success stories are about how the latest WOM models have taken the business world by storm, but most people don't know [...]

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