“Once setup, ReferralCandy pretty much runs itself.”

We see some amazing results in generating new customers. A must have for all eComm brands.

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We'll turn every single one of your customers into a potential referrer

With ReferralCandy, all your customers -- new and old -- can become potential referrers for your store. Don't worry about hitting any visitor or account limits; we don't have any. You can invite everyone into your referral program.

We'll handle all the admin work, so you can stay focused on strategy

Our customers love ReferralCandy because we seamlessly handle the mundane parts of running a refer-a-friend program. We'll track all your referrals, manage discount codes, and watch out for fraud. We can even send out rewards automatically on your behalf.

ReferralCandy brings you new customers while it runs in the background, so you can focus on other ways to grow your store.

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Create a referral program that matches your brand

You know your customers best, so we give you full control over your referral program. Customize everything from your referral incentives, to landing page design, to how often your customers get emails.

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Flexible pricing that delivers ROI

Monthly billing, no long-term commitments, and pay-for-performance pricing. ReferralCandy helps you build a profitable referral program that helps you acquire new customers at scale.

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We'll make sure you have what you need to run successful referral campaigns

If it's your first time starting a referral program, we know it can be intimidating; it's a new marketing channel you have to master. But don't worry! You'll get access to everything we know about successful customer referral programs, along with help from our friendly support team.

If you can copy and paste, you can install ReferralCandy

You can get a customer referral program for your store up and running today. Installing ReferralCandy involves two things: copy-pasting our tracking code on your website and forwarding us your invoice emails. Most stores install ReferralCandy without getting developers involved. Don't worry, we'll help get you up and running! Learn how to install ReferralCandy for your store »

ReferralCandy works wonders. It works brilliantly and it's super simple.

“But wait, I need to know more…”

Still not sure about us? Here's a list of answers to common questions. Check these out before you contact us -- you might be able to get your answer right now!

I don't sell anything online. Can I still use ReferralCandy?

Technically, yes. ReferralCandy works by tracking form submissions and seeing who came from referrals. This is designed to work for purchases, but can technically work with any form -- requests for quotes, email newsletters, webinars, and so on. We're happy to help, but frankly, we may not be the best solution for you at this time. If you'd still like to explore using ReferralCandy, contact us here.

How does your 30 day risk-free trial work?

Once you complete signup, you get full access to the ReferralCandy app for 30 days. If you cancel within this period, we won't charge you.

I have a specific referral program in mind. Can you guys do it?

If it's some variant of “if customer's friend does X, customer gets Y”, the answer is yes. We've run referral campaigns for thousands of stores, so we've seen configurations of all kinds. The fastest way to answer your question is to sign up for an account and try to set it up in the new account wizard. You don't have to enter your credit card information to configure your referral program.

ReferralCandy drives referral sales for growing stores in every industry

Designer Footwear
Outdoor Goods
Smart Hardware Appliance
Design Marketplace
Educational Toys
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“Is a referral program suitable for my store?”

We've run referral programs for thousands of stores, so let us help you with it.

Get an expert to:

  Evaluate if you should run a referral program

  Advise you on industry averages

  Estimate returns from your referral program

  Suggest rewards and offers to start off with

Find out if your existing customers will actually, really refer your store.

Running a mini referral program is the best way to test if your store is ready for a full-fledged customer referral program -- without any commitments.

It's completely free, and no installation or developer work is needed.

Not sure what type of referral program to run? Find out from your customers in just 5 days.

Our intelligent survey tool automatically collects and analyzes responses from your customers, and gives your a detailed report with an actionable plan in 5 days.

It's completely free. Just pass us a list of 100 customers, and we'll do the rest.