An Automated Referral Program That Saves You Time

Set it up, then we'll take care of the rest

Customers often ask how they can get more involved in promoting PopSockets — it's great to have a simple automated scheme for them to do that.

Advocate Management

People can sign up for your program and receive their referral links, all without getting you involved.

Reward Tracking and Fulfillment

We can automatically detect, track and pay out rewards to your Advocates and their friends.

Takes away all the trouble of managing a referral program. Runs invisibly in the background and solves a lot of problems.

Advocate Reminder Emails

We’ll help you keep your program top-of-mind with your Advocates.

Smart Account Guardian Emails

We make sure people don’t self-refer and reduce coupon code misuse.

ReferralCandy really takes the work out of referral programs. We highly recommend it.

You’re in good hands

Thousands of ecommerce store founders, marketers and agencies have trusted ReferralCandy to run their referral program.

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