Powder City: Customer Referral Software For Health Supplements

Powder City sells powdered health supplements, with categories ranging from “energy” and “pre-workout” to “nootropics” and “relaxation”.

Powder City has a strong following in the supplements community, where word-of-mouth recommendations are a powerful source of sales.

Since word-of-mouth was proving to be so effective, Powder City’s owner Nathan Smeltzer sought out ways to double-down on it. He decided on a referral program, and chose ReferralCandy.

We found ReferralCandy on the Shopify app store. Gave it a shot, worked seamlessly, saw that it worked, so we stuck with it.

Powder City has a small team serving a highly-competitive market, so every bit of time-saving and automation helps. Nathan doesn’t want to be dealing with tracking referrals and dealing with rewards. ReferralCandy helps the Powder City team by being as hands-free as possible:

I’m barely in the app. It’s so easy to use. It’s the least labor intensive marketing task that we have. It runs itself. For virtually no labor, I get so many sales – at least $10k this month.

By giving every customer a personal referral link, ReferralCandy makes it easy for Powder City’s customers to spread the word. Once they’re signed up for the program, all they have to do is share their referral link with their friends.

It’s so easy for the customer. It’s easy to share their referral links, it’s easy to collect them. Nobody needs to set up a website. It just works, and I get sales.

Powder City also takes advantage of ReferralCandy’s customizable incentive system to give Referred Friends 10% off, which is their standard discount rate for all their offers. Meanwhile, advocates get 6% of the referred purchase as a cash reward.

I like that you can see when customers post links on social networks.

ReferralCandy doesn’t just take care of Powder City’s referral program; it also points out who their best Advocates are. This allows them to specially target and reward their top influencers as they see fit.

With ReferralCandy’s help, Powder City continues to delight its best customers and establish itself as a leading brand in the supplements industry.

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