How ReferralCandy Accelerates Word-of-Mouth Sales For Greats

Greats, an ‘affordable luxury’ footwear brand, started looking into referral programs almost as soon as they started their store on Shopify. They knew that word-of-mouth was going to be a big deal for them.

Our customers are all about sharing... a referral program just accelerates that, so they’re constantly referring people to the brand.

Founder Ryan Babenzien wanted to get a refer-a-friend program for his store up and running as soon as possible. After looking through the Shopify app store, he chose ReferralCandy after seeing positive reviews from other retailers.

Customer experience and branding has always been important to Greats. Ryan used ReferralCandy’s simple template editor to design the different parts of his referral program.

Without involving developers or designers, Ryan was able to set up a great-looking referral program:

Knowing that his customers love to share on social media, he used ReferralCandy’s Twitter integration to make sure that his referral program looked great whenever a customer tweeted their referral link:

Our core customer today is helping us acquire customers and continuing to help us grow.

Ryan constantly listens to feedback from his customers, and uses the Referral Program Builder to update the rewards he’s offering for his refer-a-friend program.

Greats’ customer referral program has so far generated 20X ROI, and accounts for almost 5% of all orders. With this reliable sales channel powered by word-of-mouth, Ryan can focus his energy on creating the next great footwear brand.

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