10 Examples Of Referral Programs On WooCommerce Stores

Here are a list of WooCommerce retailers who use ReferralCandy to run their referral programs with simple referral email sign-ups.

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1. Cycleboard’s referral program

CycleBoard makes and sells a 3-wheel ‘lean to steer’ stand-up electric scooter.

2. Driftaway Coffee’s referral program

Driftaway does personalized coffee subscriptions.

3. Novosbed’s referral program

Novosbed sells memory foam mattresses with a 120-day trial.

4. Happy Diapers’ Referral Program

Happy Diapers makes, you guessed it, diapers. Premium diapers. They’re based in Indonesia. Fashionable and fun. They’ve got quite a large following on Instagram.

5. FlexiSpot’s referral program

FlexiSpot makes height-adjustable standing desks.

5. Gym1’s referral program

Gym-1 sells home exercise equipment. Lightweight, poortable and doorway-installable.

6. Vital Plan’s referral program

Vital Plan is a health supplements company selling herbal blends for all sorts of ailments – cardiovascular health, joint health and so on.

7. PetChatz’ referral program

PetChatz is a ‘digital daycare’ solution for pets. You get to observe your pets from your phone, and even dispense treats.

8. My Webspot’s referral program

My Webspot sells ‘pocket wifi’ – a rental hotspot for travellers.

9. Mama Nature’s referral program

Mama Nature sells natural and organic skincare products.

10. Leaders in Heels’ referral program

Leaders In Heels sells stationery, and also a mission and a vision for more women in leadership roles.

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