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Wine Referral Program Examples: Premier Estates Wine

Premier Estates Wine is a one stop shop for wine from all around the globe.

Premier Estates Wine Homepage

The folks at Premier Estates Wine research and stock great wines for all over the world, so their customers don’t have to.

Their wines fall under two main tiers: Collection, a wide range of Italian varieties, and Discovery, a premium range of wines from Australia, California Wines, Chile and South Africa.

While focusing on selling offline through wholesaling, Premier Estates Wine uses their online ecommerce store to sell directly to customers and spread brand awareness.

We spoke with Bram from Premier Estates Wine, and asked him a few questions regarding the company, its focus, as well as their referral program:

Some background about Premier Estates Wine:

  • Team of about 35 people, 5 of which are in the online team
  • Sells online, offline and wholesale

“What are the top 3 things that you care the most about?”

  • To build a personal relationship with the customer, by responding quickly and providing good customer service.
  • Increasing brand awareness, so more people will know about Premier Estates Wine.
  • Making sure that everything runs smoothly and correctly for our customers, so they’ll have no complaints.

So if they have nothing to complain about, everything runs fine and they like the wine, they’ll also recommend it to their friends and family. And that’s where all the referred purchases come in.

“What apps or tools do you use for your business that you’re satisfied with?”

  • AfterShip – Organises all our shipping labels, so we can see exactly when there is a delay or when there’s a problem during delivery.
  • Oracle Reviews – Customers who leave reviews on our website also get a little page with all the reviews together, which instills more trust. When a customer sees your store, they’re more likely to buy when they see all the good reviews.
  • ReferralCandy – They can refer their friends, and is one of the ways we increase our sales.

“Why did you start using ReferralCandy?”

Initially, we wanted to use affiliate marketing, so I contacted some affiliate networks. But they said that because we just started our web store, it wasn’t big enough yet.

Then we used some customer loyalty app but it looked too complicated. Customers had to collect points and everything, and that was just too complicated to use.

We eventually found ReferralCandy, which is really easy, because we can just put in our own reward without any program or subscription or anything. They just make one purchase and you can send one reward, which is much simpler than collecting points and everything.

So that’s how we started using ReferralCandy.

It’s actually really simple. It’s like the most easy and simple app to use and it runs on the background so it does the work for you. You just have to put it in place and I have no problems whatsoever installing it.

And our customers are active in using it, so it’s really working.


Now, let’s check out what their referral program looks like:

1. Premier Estates Wine advertises their referral program prominently on their homepage.

Premier Estates Wine Carousel Referral Program Image CTA

On their homepage, Premier Estates Wine uses a carousel to show different content: their award-winning wines, deals, as well as their referral program.

This way, visitors will not miss out the CTA placed front and center on their homepage.

Referral program pro tip: Carousels can be a good way to save space and promote multiple piece of content equally. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, you should stay away from more than five items, and indicate which frame the viewer is currently at.

With regards to referral programs, it might be helpful to also include the referral program CTA in the navigation bar on the homepage, so viewers who happen to miss the carousel image will notice it.

2. Premier Estates Wine rewards advocates with a £5 gift card for every successful referral.

Premier Estates Wine Referral Program Portal ReferralCandy

Premier Estates Wine uses one-sided incentives to reward their advocates for referring their friends.

In contrast with two-sided incentives, where both advocates and friends get rewarded for a referral, only one party benefits from a one-sided incentive referral program.

Hence, they are good for brands with a slightly tighter budget for referral rewards.

Referral program pro tip: One- and two-sided incentives are both effective, depending on your situation. To find out which is better for your referral program, check out a post we wrote about two-sided incentives.


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