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Referral Program Case Study: TASER

TASER International teams up with ReferralCandy to generate word-of-mouth buzz.

  • Reached out to more than 1,200 potential customers through Facebook within the first 4 weeks
  • Referred customers spend 8.2% more on average than their regular customers

TASER International is known around the world for their TASER® brand electrical self-defense weapons. TASER technology has helped saved more than 100,000 lives since 1994. TASER International has also released new consumer models, which are ideal for family protection and home defense.

To help citizen consumers spread the word about the popular consumer models online, TASER International teamed up with ReferralCandy to run their customer referral program.

Within the first 4 weeks, the TASER refer-a-friend campaign reached out to more than 1,200 potential customers through Facebook alone, as well as hundreds more through targeted referral email shares.

With Twitter integration, ReferralCandy also captures public tweets by customers like Cory Ellis, who posts, “Get 20% off a TASER. Maddie got one and she loves it. Here’s a coupon if you need one now”. Referred customers also spend 8.2% more on average than their regular customers.

“It’s a delight to see our customers tell friends about how much they love our product,” says Mark Visser, Director of Online Marketing at TASER. “The ReferralCandy app has helped us to reach out to more potential customers and generate new sales. Once set up, the campaign pretty much runs itself.”

With more than 14,000 followers on Facebook, TASER International is no stranger to the power of social media. Their collaboration with ReferralCandy takes social sharing to the next level by encouraging customers to tell friends about TASER products and help keep their loved ones safe.

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