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Renewable Energy Referral Program Examples: SUNworks

Renewable energy referral program examples SUNworks FI

When it comes to the adoption of relatively new products/systems, word-of-mouth is very effective in helping to spread the word around.

SUNworks is a company by Solar3D, Inc., a leading provider of solar power solutions. They provide solar energy solutions to homes and offices.

I’m all for renewable energy; so I was happy to know they had a referral program.

Let’s take a look at how their referral program works.

SUNworks homepage ReferralCandy

First off, I was aware they had a referral program, but could not navigate to it from their homepage.

Seeing that their referral program was only announced in January 2015, it is possible that navigation to their referral page hasn’t been properly implemented yet.

Or perhaps the url is only meant to be given directly to SUNworks customers.

Their handsfree referral process also provides additional incentives for multiple/consecutive referrals

SUNworks referral program page 2 ReferralCandy

The referral process is simple:

The advocate enters their friends’ particulars, and SUNworks will reach out to them.

For every 3rd installation, an additional $500 will be donated to church, school program, or charity of advocate’s choice. How cool is that?

They even offer a group rate discount when two or more friends sign up at one go.

SUNworks handles the biggest part of the referral process so they can help to answer any potential questions prior to signing up.

This makes perfect sense for them, since solar energy has yet to become a mainstream energy system. Moreover, integrating solar energy systems is an important and expensive investment.

People who are interested in the idea would naturally have a lot of questions, so SUNworks wants to be there to help.

I now understand why I couldn’t navigate to their referral program page from the homepage.

Since the referral process works by existing customers supplying contact details to SUNworks, it doesn’t have to be immediately accessible by web visitors. It is probably very visible once you become a SUNworks customer.

You can host a free Solar Open House, aka Referral Party

SUNworks referral party ReferralCandy

This offering reminds me of Tupperware parties, where housewives would demonstrate and share about the awesomeness of Tupperware products with their neighbors.

The parties are totally free of charge, as SUNworks will pay for the food, drinks and help to answer all of your questions regarding solar energy.

Attractive referral reward: Refer a friend, win a Tesla!

SUNworks Tesla giveaway ReferralCandy

In addition to discounts and credit rewards for successful referrals, advocates also receive two entry tickets to a Tesla S giveaway at the end of the year.

I’m not sure if these giveaways will be a long-term perk for their referral program, but it’s still pretty darn compelling.

Stuff to note:

  • Handsfree referral process – Just supply the contact details of the friend you’re referring and you’re done! SUNworks will handle the rest.
  • Referral parties – Solar power systems are high-risk investments: things that involve a high risk of failure, is complex and/or expensive. Potential customers would probably have a lot of questions and considerations before they invest. Referral parties serve as a conducive environment where potential customers can all ask questions and receive answers from trained SUNworks staff.
  • Unable to navigate to the referral program page – Even though the referral program only works when you become a SUNworks customer, it is useful to show on your homepage that you actually have a referral program. Who knows, it might be an additional reason to people to sign up.


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