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OnePlus Referral Program – $20 Off Accessories If You Buy A Phone Via Referral

OnePlus has some pretty good marketing. So it’s no surprise to me that they’re launching a referral program to sell their latest phone, the OnePlus 5.

$20 off accessories isn’t a particularly great incentive when making a referral for a product that costs almost $1,000 – and OnePlus fans have pointed it out.

But people who intend to get a OnePlus phone are likely to use it anyway, because something is still better than nothing.

If you ask me, it’s improbable that anybody is going to switch from an iPhone or a Samsung just because somebody offered them a referral link with $20 off accessories.

So it seems likely to me that OnePlus is doing this mainly for the media buzz. They’ve demonstrated some past savvy with getting it.

They also have an interesting point system for advocates – you can get t-shirts and messenger bags, but most people will probably prefer to just get cheaper accessories for their phones.

A points system makes sense for a product like a phone, where there’s a very clear ecosystem of accessories and related products that people will want to get. But if not, it’s generally advisable for referral incentives to be more straightforward.


Visakan Veerasamy

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