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The 45 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2020 [Updated Sep 2020]

You’re busy; you have a store to run, and you just want the best Shopify app to solve your problem. But the Shopify App Store is overwhelming. Hundreds of apps, each promising to help you with one aspect...

7 Hot Etsy Tips For Starting An Etsy Business That Will Make Bank

Etsy shoppers are an easy target market that requires very little marketing from an Etsy entrepreneur A creative business that offers a digital product, such as a digital download, will have the greatest...

Define Your Target Market in 6 Simple Steps (With Examples)

In this post: Target Market Definition How to Conduct Audience Research 1. Look At Your Existing Customers 2. Look At Your Analytics 3. Look At Your Competition 4. Understand Your Product Features And Benefits...

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