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ReferralCandy Customer Stories – Bolden USA: Embracing Beauty, Empowering Women

A beauty brand built by Black women, Bolden aims to empower people of color and embolden them to celebrate the natural beauty of their skin. We spoke to sisters Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa about how...

The 7 Best Referral Program Ideas (A One That Doesn’t Work)

Need some fresh ideas for your referral program? Here are 7 we recommend trying and 1 that everyone else recommends but we do not.

ReferralCandy Product Update [Jan 2021]: Send Emails through your Own Domain!

Latest Update: January Psst. You can also check out the latest updates on ReferralCandy’s AnnounceKit     January 2021 Updates Send referral emails through your own domain! ✉️  ...

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Christy Dawn: Building a Timeless Brand

Christy Dawn is an online eCommerce retailer of women’s fashion. Christy Dawn is committed to ethical, regenerative fashion. Each dress is made in a way that honors Mother Earth. Organic or natural dyes are used, and...