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Furniture Referral Program Examples: Made.com


Made.com is an online furniture retailer based in the UK.

They’re focused on selling original furniture designs at affordable prices, which they accomplish by cutting out the middlemen from the process and connecting consumers directly to designers.

This is what their referral page looks like:

Pretty classy, I think!

While it’s a “cost-savings” oriented value proposition, the site is elegant and classy. (Just because your business is “low-cost” doesn’t mean your site has to look like it!)

It has a simple, clearly designed UI that’s a pleasure to navigate. It puts the products in a great light.

To use their referral program, you first have to sign up for an account with Made.com.

Then, you can click through to their referral portal, which looks like this:

This is what the sharing page looks like, once you’ve signed up for a Made.com account

Simple and intuitive!

Let’s run through the details:

Overview of Made.com’s Referral Program

Product / service typeFurniture
Referral method– Email
– Unique referral URL, Email, Google+, Twitter- You have to sign up for an account with the site to use it
Referral RewardWhen referred friend purchases product (min £50, about US$80) through the referred link: – £15 off next purchase (about US$24)
Referred Friend OfferAfter clicking on referral link (through direct URL or Email): £15 off their first order

Interesting points to note:

  • Additional incentives. This is classic gamification, showing people what they stand to win if they put in a little effort. When you refer multiple friends, you get free products. A foldable tray at 2 friends, a chair at 12, and a sofa at 40. I’m guessing that most customers manage to refer 2, and that a very rare, dedicated few will actually reach 40 successful referrals. But having that reward visible as an option is rather compelling! This ensures greater word-of-mouth.
  • Good Copy. If you see the link at the top of the page, it says “Invite friends,  share £30”. This is great phrasing, because it emphasizes not just the benefit to the referrer or referee, but the shared experience that they have together. It gets to the heart of why people make referrals into the first place. Great copywriting.

All in all, I think Made.com is managing their referral program beautifully! A fine example to follow.


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