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Air Travel Referral Program Examples: AirPartner


Ever chartered a private jet? You never know when you might need to!

Here’s AirPartner, which helps you do exactly that. (It’s pretty cool to pay attention to the extensiveness of the services they provide– emergency services, freight, even military aircraft.


Referral program visibility – very hard to find

The only hint of a referral program on the landing page is the press release near the bottom– “Air Partner Launches #Thousandaire Referral Program“.

The referral program was time-sensitive and has since expired, so perhaps they might have had more prominent messaging when it was still active.

Referral program incentives – $1,000 Gift Cards and Discounted Flight Hours, very nice!

We’ve observed and shared several times before that the best referral incentives tend to encourage the advocates and their friends to use the product or service more. This is why Dropbox gave away free space, and GREATS gives its customers and their friends discounts on their new shoes.

Both the gift cards and the discounted flight hours are likely to make people want to fly more – which is of course at the heart of the business of an Air Travel company.

Referral reward messaging – dull and dreary, could be better


This is AirPartner’s referral rewards page. While the description of the referral rewards is straightforward (which is a very good thing), the overall presentation is rather dreary– it looks like a stodgy Terms and Conditions page.

The rest of the site has generally strong visuals (see landing page above)– the referral program would’ve definitely benefited from some strong imagery, too!

Main Referral portal (“Ambassador page”) – also somewhat dreary


This is AirPartner’s main referral/ambassador program, which is distinct from their special time-sensitive #Thousandaire referral program.

Again, good reward choice– one free half hour of flight time for both advocate and friend. But again, not the best messaging– this also reads like a Terms & Conditions page.

They could definitely get more mileage out of this simply by strongly emphasizing the benefit (copy, bolding, a strong visual) and adding a strong call-to-action (refer now, get your referral link to share with your friends).


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