A List of 10 Tantalizing Subscription Box Referral Program Examples

August 14, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Referral Program Examples

  Let’s face it: not all of us enjoy shopping for clothes or make-up, no matter how much we want to look good. Hence, some companies have decided to provide subscription boxes: carefully curated items to suit our specific needs and preferences. Be it for fashion, cosmetics, or food, subscription boxes are a great way for […]

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How Pinterest Grew From Being Stuck At 3,000 to 73 Million Users Using Word-Of-Mouth

August 14, 2015 by Jon Tan in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

Pinterest is a tech company that doesn’t want to keep you online. Instead, it wants to inspire you to go offline and do the things you love. It’s also a company that chose to specialize in images and timeless content when its entire industry was focused on being text-based and time sensitive (think Twitter). Pinterest […]

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How Instagram Used Word-of-Mouth to Gain One Million Users in Three Months

August 12, 2015 by Samuel Hum in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth / Analyzing Good Marketing / Customer Acquisition Case Studies

In a span of just four years, Instagram’s user base has boomed from 1 to 300 million. Started by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, the photo- and video-sharing app has since taken the world by storm. In April 2012, one and a half years after its release, the company was bought over by Facebook […]

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Referral Program Examples – An Epic List Of 47 Referral Programs

August 9, 2015 by Visakan Veerasamy in Referral Program Examples

  Thinking of putting together a customer referral program, and need some ideas or inspiration? Here’s a list of 47 referral program examples for businesses of all types. Click on the following links to jump to your relevant topic: A. “Best practice” Referral Program Examples – Famously successful ones, such as Dropbox, Airbnb and Uber B. Ecommerce Referral Program […]

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How Snapchat Grew Into A $10b+ Social Media Behemoth Through Word-of-Mouth

August 8, 2015 by Visakan Veerasamy in Amplifying Your Word-of-Mouth

Snapchat took a simple, contrarian premise and grew into a social media giant with over 100,000,000 daily active users. Initially called Picaboo, it was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, who were Stanford students at the time. Why was it created? Spiegel explained that it was to counter the expectation that social media is […]

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