4 Referral Program Assets to Customize For a Smooth Referral Program Experience

When setting up your referral program, you want your customers to know about your referral program and remember to share it with their friends. But simply having an [...]

Diamonds for the Digital Age: How Tiffany & Co. Embraced Online Marketing

Image: fashionablyyours.ca. When we think of “tiffany blue”, we think of Tiffany & Co. and its quaint and elegant blue packages. This particular pastel shade of [...]

Of Loyalty And Dissent: How Vans Became The Brand For Rebels, Mavericks, And Misfits

When the Van Doren family established Vans in 1966, their goals were simple, yet radical for businesses of that age. The Californian-based company simply sought [...]

How Porsche Humanized Its Brand and Cars via Word-Of-Mouth

Not many people own a Porsche car, but that hasn't stopped the German automobile maker from engaging all of its fans. Famously portrayed as a prestigious and elite [...]

How Dr. Dre’s Beats Became The Most Popular Headphones In The World

Everyone loves a business success story, they make us feel good and provide inspiration to keep going with our own business endeavors. Beats is a [...]

Storytelling, Big Data, and Cannibals: Why OKCupid Remains An Online Dating Powerhouse

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry built around your primal need for love, lust, and connection via the Internet. Gone are the days when we’d get [...]

When “Keep Walking” Was Shelved: How Johnnie Walker Overhauled Its Marketing Tactics

Selling whisky isn't an easy job. Whisky-makers have only a specific set of products that appeals and is enjoyed by a limited clientele. Yet, Johnnie [...]

Introducing Industry Benchmarks for Referral Program Performance

We often hear from our users that they'd like to have a better understanding of exactly how well their referral programs are doing. Today, we’re excited to [...]

Make It Suntory Time: How Japanese Whisky Won Over The World

We know whiskys (whiskeys, even) have their glory and heritage well-cemented within the European market, amongst the Scots to be exact. So how did Japanese [...]

How Canon Maintains its Global Position with Social Media Marketing

Canon is highly regarded by photography aficionados as one of the ‘big guns’ in the industry. Originating in Tokyo, Japan, Canon now has a global presence. Canon [...]

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