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48 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs to Inspire You

First impressions take 2 seconds. You might not get a second chance.

People can be downright judgey sometimes. And according to Malcolm Gladwell in “Blink”, we’re worse than we initially thought. Turns out, we don’t actually take seven seconds to create a “first impression” of what is before our eyes – we take an incredible two seconds instead.

Two seconds. That’s all the time ecommerce store owners have. The design of your ecommerce website has to be visually appealing at the very first glance.

In other words, your ecommerce store has to capture visitors right off the bat, and in order to do that, its design has to be nothing short of spectacular, visuals-wise.

Additionally, recent research has also found that 92.6% of people feel that the visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision. Design is important, especially with all the competition.

A great ecommerce website design can help your store stand out

With the world population creeping upwards of 8 billion people with a technological infrastructure as equally impressive, it makes sense that a good majority of transactions are moving online.

You can buy basically anything online and considering that there are nearly 2 billion digital buyers doing exactly that, the e-commerce industry is in full explosion mode right now.

Buyers have the freedom to shop around the internet for goods and services unlike ever before, with virtually every product or service available with a single tap on a tiny smartphone screen.

And as an e-commerce business owner, that makes your job of convincing them to come to your online store harder than ever.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to make your e-commerce store the easiest to find, the most comfortable to shop, and the most reliable to buy from.

And it all begins with solid ecommerce website design.

After all, if a user comes to your store only to be met with a clunky design and confusing layout, then you can bet that they’ll click right out of your online store just as quickly as they landed there.

When it comes to quality e-commerce website design, it comes down to both the functionality of the site as well as the aesthetic design. In this article, I’ll go over both of these things.

First, we will look at ecommerce site builder options and then we will look at solid examples of beautiful e-commerce web design. By the end of this article, you should feel totally confident in which e-commerce platform to run your online store from and which design templates to use.

That way, when a hard-earned potential customer finally lands on your site, they will be pleased by what they find (and more likely to make a purchase).

Let’s dig in.

Best Website Builders And Ecommerce Platforms in 2019

Before you launch your online store, you’ve got to figure out which e-commerce platform to do it from. While you’re totally free to design your shop as you want from any potential platform, there are a few tried-and-true platforms that make the process a whole lot easier.


Because they have teams of experts who research the best ecommerce design that results in the highest conversion rate, the best practices for various payment gateways, and the best structure for search engine optimization. And when they can’t provide the e-commerce solution you’re looking for, they allow for ecommerce plugins to pick up the slack.

Many of them even include web hosting within their services to make the process as seamless as possible for the business owner.

This isn’t an act of altruism, though, because the more money that you earn, the more money that they earn. So you better believe that they are going to invest a good amount of their resources into developing platforms that will help facilitate the sales process as much as possible.

And as an e-commerce business owner, why not take advantage of all of their hard work?

Here are the best e-commerce platform options with site builder functionality included:


Shopify is often regarded as the best e-commerce solution because it provides an out-of-the-box experience for anyone hoping to launch an online store quickly and easily. The Shopify platform is super intuitive, with a layout that is easy to navigate and plenty of options for customization.

Business owners can easily list a product or service, create product listings that are optimized for search engines, manage inventory, and collect payments all within the platform. For any services that the platform does not provide, there is a long list of Shopify apps to fill the gaps. Shopify offers a blog feature, as well, making it easier than ever to dig into solid content marketing to help attract the right customers.


One of the most praised features of Bigcommerce is its site builder, which allows for detailed customization within the platform. It also is super easy to list products, manage inventory, set up shipping details, and customize the checkout process.

That being said, it’s not best suited for a total beginner as their builder is just a little bit advanced for someone brand new to the e-commerce industry. In fact, many advanced developers prefer this brand because of its customizable features.

But don’t let that discourage you from giving it a try! Your ecommerce website design and purchase process can be absolutely stellar compared to a more basic platform like Shopify if you’re able to fully utilize its capabilities.


Though Squarespace simply cannot compare with brands like Shopify or Bigcommerce, it is still included in this list of best ecommerce platforms.


It is perhaps the easiest platform to use for small businesses who are looking to take their inventory online. It offers greater functionality within the platform itself, providing all of the essential features needed to run your online store, such as social media integration and email marketing options. Though it doesn’t have any plugin or app options to further increase the functionality of your site, it does provide everything you need to efficiently run your online shop.

When it comes to e-commerce web design, it offers beautiful templates to choose from, making it easier than ever to launch a beautiful online store within minutes.


If you’re serious about taking complete control of your web hosting, ecommerce design, and content marketing, then WooCommerce is the best option for you. It is a plugin that is completely free and lets you turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning WordPress ecommerce store.

So what’s the big deal with a completely customizable site?

You can update and organize the product listings and pages in the most SEO-friendly way, use an unlimited number of plugins to improve the user experience on your site, and upload an unlimited amount of high-quality photos to your heart’s desire…

..not that you necessarily need to do that. But, you know, at least you have the freedom to with WooCommerce.


Volusion isn’t often talked about as the best place to run your e-commerce site from, but it should be. The entire experience of working within the responsive design of the Volusion dashboard is much more intuitive than its competitors. Add to that its impressive list of features built right into the dashboard, business owners really have no need to use any other applications to run their successful ecommerce store.

The one downside is that business owners have to manually send emails to their potential customers who have abandoned their carts, unlike the other platforms that automatically send follow-up emails.

But that’s no problem.

Volusion have thoroughly tested their own web design on the checkout page, coming to a version that has lower cart abandonment than the checkout pages of their competitors.

The platform is also designed with search engine optimization in mind, making it easy for you to customize your content for the search engines.

And if you’re on the run?

The Volusion app works with mobile devices, making your ecommerce store accessible from all over the world

The 48 Best Ecommerce Website Designs in 2019 To Inspire You

Even with a website builder, it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin with the design of your online shop. From the product listing to the navigation menu, homepage, blog, or product images, it’s super helpful to peek into the way other successful ecommerce businesses are doing things.

Want some web design inspiration?

Here are our favorite examples of beautiful ecommerce website design that we can’t get enough of.

Best Office And Paper Ecommerce Website Designs

Twelve South sells phone stands

pasted image 0 56

Twelve South sells accessories for digital devices and has somehow made it a super luxurious experience. The company’s website showcases high-quality images right on their landing page and has a product search where the drop-down menu would be. The entire shopping experience leaves you fantasizing about the ways that their products could improve your life, making the customer much more likely to make a purchase from their ecommerce shop.

Skullcandy sells audio equipment

pasted image 0 62

Skullcandy is an excellent example of the potential ecommerce web design that can be achieved within the ecommerce platform BigCommerce. The website is not only easy to navigate but is also incredibly attractive with its bold colors, sleek product photos, and customizable product recommendations.

Uppercase Magazine offers books

pasted image 0 60

Uppercase Magazine sells books and magazines for the creatively curious. Quite literally, the brand is meant to provide design inspiration for everyone, for anything. Their creative stop-motion product videos are a good example of one way business owners can make their product descriptions more fun as is their entire website design. For serious inspiration on how to create a beautiful e-commerce website, take a look at this company’s website.

CriticalPass offers flashcards for would-be layers

pasted image 0 27

This e-commerce site provides an easy to navigate user interface to better serve its target population, law students studying for the bar exam. By making their products easy to find and their product descriptions exceptionally clear, they are making their ecommerce store the best option for law students who are too time poor to shop around for better options. For examples of ecommerce shops that keep their target audience in mind during the design stages, CriticalPass is a great place to start.

(NOTE: Critical Pass uses ReferralCandy for its referral program – here’s our case study!)

Skyroam sells mobile wifi

pasted image 0 49

Skyroam uses product videos right on their landing page to entice users through the sales funnel. Though the company sells virtually only one product, the shopping experience makes the product look absolutely essential to the user’s life. And that is effective e-commerce web design.

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Best Fashion Ecommerce Website Designs

You don’t need to offer high-end fashion to have a high-end e-commerce website. There are millions of online stores that are geared toward fashion, so you certainly have plenty to look through. Here are some of our favorites based on their e-commerce design, product descriptions, and checkout process.

Threadless sells quirky T-shirts

pasted image 0 39

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hardgraft sells bags and apparel

pasted image 0 36

Bellroy offers wallets and more

pasted image 0 26

Freepeople offers clothes

pasted image 0 31

Stacy Adams also offers apparel

pasted image 0 43

Skinny Ties sells, well, it’s in the name really: skinny ties

pasted image 0 53

UG Monk sells tees

pasted image 0 42

Taylor Stitch sells clothes

pasted image 0 38

UNTUCKit sells clothes

pasted image 0 51

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Satchel Page sells satchels and bags (but not pages)

pasted image 0 59

Everlane sells clothing and accessories

pasted image 0 25

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Norwegian Rain offers stylish raincoats and waterproof shoes

pasted image 0 57

AYR sells clothes

pasted image 0 28

BornShoes sells shoes

pasted image 0 48

Victoire Boutique sells shoes

pasted image 0 52

The Dairy Fairy sells lingerie for mothers

pasted image 0 17

Falve sells hand-crafted menswear

pasted image 0 41

Black Butterfly

best ecommerce website designs - black butterfly apparel

Best Sports And Fitness Ecommerce Website Designs

The sports and fitness ecommerce industry sells items that are not essential to everyday living, which is why many brands take extra care in developing a selling platform that is user friendly, sleek, and responsive.

Longboard Living

pasted image 0 19

Sierra Designs

pasted image 0 47

Pure Cycles

pasted image 0 20

Solo Stove

pasted image 0 50

Leatherhead Sports

pasted image 0 40


pasted image 0 44

Best Interior Design And Art Ecommerce Website Designs

Brands that want to showcase their style on their websites can easily do so by sticking with a simple color palette and using a lot of high-quality images. Simple and sleek designs work exceptionally well for interior design and art sites.

Bold & Noble

pasted image 0 18

Bold & Noble sells prints, papers, and decorative pieces that can be used both in the home and the office. Their responsive web design allows you to scroll through their products right on the homepage, allowing you to browse products before clicking your way further into the company’s website. Just below the high-quality photos that they have prominently displayed on the homepage are customer reviews and brand recognition, which provide social proof within the first minute of exploring the ecommerce shop.

Pop Chart Lab

pasted image 0 54


pasted image 0 16

Au Lit Fine Linens

pasted image 0 37


pasted image 0 46

RiffRaff & Co.

pasted image 0 33
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pasted image 0 35

Best Food And Grocery Ecommerce Website Designs

Food and grocery sites are designed to make your life easier, so it makes sense that the common design theme among these sites is quick and easy to navigate. The product categories are prominently displayed right on the homepage and the menus are easy to navigate.

Abel & Cole

pasted image 0 34


pasted image 0 61

Marie Catrib’s

pasted image 0 30


pasted image 0 32

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pasted image 0 22

Archie Rose

pasted image 0 15


pasted image 0 21

(NOTE: Nutriseed uses ReferralCandy for its referral program!)


pasted image 0 55

Kettle and Fire

pasted image 0 11

Faucet Face

pasted image 0 24

Best Family and Children’s Ecommerce Website Designs

Selling products for mamas and their little ones can be a creative endeavor, as we can see with these two shops below.

The Little Sparrow

pasted image 0 23


pasted image 0 58


Have we managed to get you inspired and raring to go?

Now that you’ll start making your ecommerce website more beautiful – how about getting more customers to come to your store? Consider how else you can improve your store to pull in more customers. When you’re ready, come see how our refer-a-friend tool can plug into your store.

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