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How To Use XML Sitemaps on Ecommerce Websites to Boost SEO

XML sitemaps are powerful tools that belong in every eCommerce and web publishers toolbox. Not many people use them effectively, though. (Or at all!) In [...]

Be Awesome: Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic and Sales

For small businesses and ecommerce merchants, keeping up with the new social media services that sprout up faster than weeds in a garden, is an [...]

How to Optimize Your Images for Ecommerce SEO

Optimizing images for SEO is a controversial, overlooked and underutilized tactic. The main argument against it is that it encourages image theft and hot-linking. That [...]

How Brick and Mortar Stores Can Use Ecommerce to Drive Sales

As customers continue to migrate to online stores and Mobile eCommerce grows, many local brick and mortar stores are at risk of losing sales and customers. In early 2012 the big box retailer Best Buy announced it was closing 50 stores. However smart merchants are starting to use using to eCommerce to drive foot traffic to the stores, without needing to resort to Groupon like discounts which can have disastrous results. […]

Making a Better Ecommerce Shopping Cart

In previous articles we've talked about making your online ecommerce shopping module more search engine friendly. Topics included optimized product pages and category pages, getting [...]

Using Rich Snippets For Product Reviews

For retailers who run ecommerce websites, getting enhanced listings is a key way to improve the prominence of your listings and get more click-throughs. In [...]

SEO for Ecommerce Product Pages

Previously, we looked at SEO for the eCommerce Category Page. In this article we're going to be drilling down one step further and looking at SEO [...]

How to Optimize SEO for your Ecommerce Category Page

Retailers running eCommerce stores often under-utilize their category and/or department pages. In this post we will talk about ways to maximize the contributions these pages [...]

How Ecommerce Sites Can Use Video Marketing

Marketing your business, brand and products through the medium of video is certainly nothing new. Many companies have been doing this for years, albeit with [...]

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