By now, all of us know that content marketing works. The success stories are everywhere around us! But ramping up a small team’s fledgling efforts can be daunting, and there are many roadblocks along the way.

We found a great blogpost on Content Marketing Institute by Arnie Kuenn, interviewing 8 content marketing experts on how to overcome these challenges. We really liked it, so we thought we’d give it our usual infographic treatment. 🙂 May your content marketing be glorious and fruitful!

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Content marketing works. But getting it to work can be quite a slog. Arnie Kuenn from Content Marketing Institute interviewed 8 content marketing experts on the challenges content marketers frequently face, and how to overcome them. Here they are:
Challenge #1: “I don’t really know what I’m doing here!”
Solution #1: Establish your goal(s). Build a plan.

Challenge #2: “I got started, but I don’t see any results.”
Solution #2: Plan for the long term.

Challenge #3: “My content is random and uncoordinated.”
Solution #3: Wholeheartedly invest in a centralized content marketing team.

Challenge #4: “I worked so hard for my content but the ROI doesn’t match up!”
Solution #4: Get more bang for the buck for your content.

Challenge #5: “My content is great, but nobody cares about it!”
Solution #5: Nail other critical factors around content.

Challenge #6: “I did all the things around content but people still don’t care.”
Solution #6: Develop a great content delivery system.

Challenge #7: “I simply don’t have enough time or resources for this!”
Solution #7: Outsource. Leverage. Automate.